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Originally Posted by Wookster View Post
Let me throw some words of advice in here. For the FP to 450 guy. The best thing you can do, and I speak of this from experience. Set up your FP so that when you throw the hold switch the motor is live. Probably arounf 35% at zero throttle. Now the only way to stop the motor is to throw the hold switch. Even if you dont crash. set it up so that when the stick is at full down the motor is still spinning the rotor. it will teach you to throw the hold switch to stop the rotor every time. that will prep you for needing to hit that switch in an emergency.

Also with the pitch at 40 you may not snap into the ground, but the bigger helis need a little negative pitch to come down when moving forward. You are goung to find that at 40 if you are going full forward it wil be hard to slow the bird without climbing. I have the Nano CP the MCPx anf the 450. if you can't fly the Nano and the Micro CP, you shouldnt be flying the 450. Im sure hovering ill be easy enough, but once you transition to fast forward flight you will be missing a skillset that the smaller CP helis can teach you. With a lot less cost during failure as well. Keep in mind, one crash of the 450 can easily exceed the cost of a new Micro heli. I landed on uneven ground and it caused the 450 to have a rotor strike at low RPM. That little boo boo cost $50 to repair.
thanks for the tips. I noticed that on some videos, you hear the thr cut switch turn off and the blades spin up. Im going to try that.
I may knock down the Pitch a bit to 30-35...i just found 25 to be abit bit to much on a first flight lol.

I hear ya on the small crash...
This little one on my Maiden costed almost $80 but i did upgrade to some alum parts i.e swash sadle, tail braces, had to get new FB set and said i might as well get a main and tail gear set...ohh had to get the OWB and sleeve...but that needed to be replaced anyways..she was just over year old with little to no maintenece done...
and had to factor in the shipping cost...
Blade 450 3D Maiden (5 min 19 sec)

I also changed the pitch to match the thr @ 50% just incase i want to go into idle up.

As for sim i have clearview, but got Phonex last night..thats a freaking nice simulator

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