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Want to light up my Champ - advice needed

So I want to light up my HZ Champ for night flying. I've been reading around here and at wattflyers but I'm getting very lost in it all.

I get 12v. If I had 12v it would be no problem. That's what I'll do for my Super Cub eventually.

All the premade kits I've read about seem to not be available so I was thinking I might build my own.

I saw a YouTube video that used these Radio Shack 4 pin LEDs in white green and red on a Champ.

That appeals to me because I could solder them up and use them tonight. Here's where I need help.

Lets say I get 4 of these. They need 3.5v so I should be able to run them on a 1S right?

I don't understand resistors and such. If my batt is pushing 3.7v and these will take a max of 4v can I just run wire from battery to LED1 wire to LED2 wire to LED3 wire to LED4 and then from LED4 back to the battery?

At an 80mA draw should I wire them into the flight battery or plan on a separate one?

Why 4 pins? What is there besides positive and negative that I have to solder up?

I don't see weight listed in the specs and I'm really worried about that. The champ is so light even 2 glow stick bracelets overpower it (yeah I tried it).

Maybe there is a better option that's just as bright or brighter and/or lighter weight. I'm open to suggestions and willing to order online from Hobbypartz or whoever if my current idea isn't very good. I've just gotten overwhelmed with all the information out there and I'm lost.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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