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Originally Posted by thunder1 View Post
None of that says the State Department never thought the attack was linked with a protest, as you claim.
Why would they think it was linked to a protest? THERE WAS NO PROTEST. I don't know how much more clear it could be. When it was almost dark the ambassador walked a guest out and there was no one there but security. Unless the security gaurds were protesting then there was no protest. The next people that showed up weren't protesting. They were attacking. People don't protest with RPG's and machine guns. People don't typically start a protest in the dark. It defeats the point if no one can see you protest. They do assault and attack at night. When the consulate called tripoli, the white house and the reaction team it was about an attack, not a protest.

I cannot believe the lengths that some of you will go to try to continue to accept the presidents story when no facts support it and they all show they have been lying. It's amazing.
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