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Originally Posted by RumRunner_1492 View Post
Here is the story of what happened. Note, no talk of any protest. An hour before the attack The ambassador walked a Turkish delegate to the gate. Not something you do when there is a protest taking place.

When asked about the video starting a protest that led to the attack state department officials said:

According to Petraeus he said the CIA talking points were edited not to include terrorism. He also

According to Patraeus he knew "almost immeidately" after the attack that it was tied to Al-Queada.

So lets re-cap. There was no protest or any proof of a protest from the people on the ground. The State department never felt this had anything to do with a video. The talking points were editted to play down terrorism. Petraeus doesn't know where Susan got her information. It's clear the video had nothing to do with this and the key plays knew "almost immediately" it was a terrorist attack.
None of that says the State Department never thought the attack was linked with a protest, as you claim.
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