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Originally Posted by turnerm View Post
Nice KE spin indeed Brian! I've tried several times and never pulled one off. I eventually wrote it off because I felt the plane just didn't have enough mass to make it happen but you certainly pulled one off for sure!

I'm glad I've seen it done now! Have you been able to do a blender??

Even so, it's clearly difficult to pull these maneuvers off on such a small and light plane and it sounds like you're saying that you can't do then consistently right?

Guess I need to dig mine back out and give it a go now that I know it's possible!
You are correct about them being tough! I can get it do a KE spin about 30-40% of attempts whereas on my 3DHS 57" Extra I can do them about 90% and the Fuse is more sideways. Of course the 57 is quite possibly the perfect plane so it is not a fair comparison.

Blenders on the B3D I can consistently do. I just start high and hammerhead into a full aileron down line. Feed in opposite rudder and down elevator as it descends. I have to go to full throttle to get it to stop the descent. but after 2-3 more turns it stops descending and will then pull the nose up through and into a hover(sometimes) often it pulls the nose up then violently snaps out. This is only due to pilot though. If it pulls up top facing me I can hold it but In other orientations I'm just not fast enough yet.
A very important note is that I have a 3000kv motor and a 5030 prop. I've tried a blender on the stock 2500 and a 2300kv +5043 and neither of those setups had enough grunt to arrest the descent of the blender. At best on the 2300+5043 I got a VERY slowly descending inverted flat spin. Actually it looked just like blender at the baseball diamond in the 540QQ video(1:30). Where instead of a hover out he flat spin'd into high alpha out.

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