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Originally Posted by Tiernan85 View Post
Giantcod! lol.
Keep forgetting it changed names after the takeover of the business. I meant Giantshark of course, as you realised.

Are you sure you are using the right 2 holes in the motor. They might possibly look identical at first glance but there is a difference between 1 pair and the other pair 90 degrees around the faceplate. One pair should line up perfectly, allowing the right sort of screws to go straight in. Using the other pair of holes would inevitably cause problems as the screws would 'cock over' to try and make the connection.

But from what you say, it sounds as it the problem manifests itself even before you offer up the motor to the drive. I found the holes in the fibre washer between drive and motor needed a touch with a rat-tail file to get the holes lined up with the moulding, allowing screws to enter straight.

If neither of these solutions works it sounds as if you may have a rogue drive moulding. Will await photos.
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