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Originally Posted by tkallev View Post
Do you only make left turns when driving, too?

UPS did a study that making right turns increased the effectiveness of their delivery drivers ... making right turns on red lights allowed them to make better use of their time.

Seriously, this idea that turning one way or another is simply a pilot's choice ... I have seen many over the years who cannot turn both directions well ... my advice to them is to work on the turns they shy away from. When the worst happens, will you only turn one way?

The comment of "I only turn left" is a sign to me to steer clear of that pilot.
am not quite sure if you are addressing my previous message. what i do to avoid confusion, when am answering to some message and don't bring it in full, i type the post # so he knows about what exactly am talking. anyway, if you are talking about my message, please consider the 2nd part, where i say:

' but from all of this that am learning from all you guys am beginning to keep my mind open to try whatever seems more convenient at the moment, especially considering that thermals don't turn, as seems to be. never too late to start a new routine, as long as we practice enough to condition new reflexes. am learning that the mind does not grow older if we exercise it regularly, very much like a muscle. have you seen those documentaries from nova? '

i agree that it is very convenient to practice everything both ways, so we master then completely, but i haven't met any1 that does it. i myself, even if 1 can call myself ambidextrous (meaning using both hands equally), am aware that in some cases i feel more comfortable doing it with certain hand, and in certain situations i program 1 hand to specialice in something and the other in the complementary, so they do different things better and help each other, like driving and shifting gears. but i must add that if not changing gears i keep both hands on the wheel and i steer to the left with my right hand and to the right with my left hand. it draws less effort to me.
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