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Originally Posted by turnerm View Post
I can do all the same manuevers with the V1 Beast that I can do with the 3D Beast but I can't do a true KE Spin or a true Blender with either. I'm not saying it's impossible - just because I can't do it in NO WAY means that it can't be done. But I haven't personally seen anyone do this and I was just challenging you to post a video of you doing it with the 3D Beast. If you say you can do it then let's see it. I'm especially interested in that KE spin with the 3D Beast.
It is tough to do a KE spin but it is possible. I posted a video in the Beast3d Forum a while back of me doing a KE spin and a Lomcevak. I'll dig it up and link it here.
*edit Here it is:
Short E-Flite UMX Beast3D Flight (1 min 4 sec)

Lomcevak at 0:09 and end of a KE spin at 0:23. You can clearly see the KE at the top of the screen, I exited the KE into a inverted spin then rolled upright. I had 2 KE turns before the plane entered the frame of the camera. It is all about energy and timing and a little luck! The plane only has enough energy for 4-5 turns before due to the descending speed the air overpowers the momentum and gyroscopic procession of the prop and forces the tail up into a regular spin.

Sorry for the crappy camera angle but I don't have a head mount so camera was just setting on a stand point upwards.

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