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Originally Posted by aphily8ed View Post
I have been flying on a sim for some time now in anticipation of buying my first plane. I had the sim set up for 4 channel operation, and thought I was doing quite well with it. I am getting a lot of advice on here about starting with a 3 channel plane like the super cub, so I figured I should set up my sim for 3 channel. Boy was I in for a shock. I found it much harder to control the plane with a rudder as apposed to ailerons.

Now I wonder if I was piloting the plane "properly" while I was in 4 channel mode. I mostly never used the rudder except for taxiing. I found it extremely easy to make turns with just aileron and elevator control and pretty much not touch the rudder. With a little practice I am now able to perform a pretty decent turn with rudder and elevator, but it is still much more difficult than with 4 channel. I always thought 4 channel was something you aspired to only after learning 3 channel.

Do you guys turn your real planes with rudder and elevator, or do you turn them the way I did on the sim with ailerons and elevator?
I'm gonna take a guess that you left the rudder on the left stick? If that's the case and you've been flying right stick it will seem difficult to you. Most 3 channels I've flown had the rudder on the right stick instead of ailerons.
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