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I'm kind of a fanatic on controllability. There are plenty of modelers on rcgroups and other forums, though, who get plenty of fun from sailing unbalanced models. As long as you can get to all sides of the pond, there is no danger of watching your model sail out of sight (which has happened to some really sweet models, as reported on rcgroups and other model sailing forums, alas). It's your hobby, whatever makes you happy is what you should do.
I played what-if wrt mizzen reefing and no fin keel.

If the mizzen sail area is reduced to 1/2 (via reefing) and if the dynamic CLR is 1/3 chord (within the realm of possibility, if I understand airfoils correctly), the the ship should be close to balancing, with just a little weather helm. No fin keel needed :-). Once Wawona heels, her hull no longer presents a symmetric airfoil, so it's possible the CLR will move aft. I have no idea how far aft, or even it will move at all, but it's possible.

This is one of those things that will have to be confirmed by experiment on the water. I could throw a bucket of water over the computer, but I am not sure if this would really increase our understanding of Wawona...though it would confirm suspicions held by some here on the forum, I suspect *grin*.
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