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Originally Posted by choochoo22 View Post
Try it as-is. You will probably want 2D mode to keep the camera level, or at your selected angle. For best results disable heading hold and zero the derivative gain to minimize jitters. That should stabilize fairly well on the roll and pitch axes. You might experiment with the Guardian mounted on the gimbal vs. the platform. The yaw axis is problematic as 2D mode rolls the plane to hold heading so with heading hold on you will get tilt as the heading changes and with heading hold off you will get nothing with heading changes.
You could try 3D mode, using rudder for pan and elevator for tilt. Once the camera is pointed where you want in 3D mode - let go of the stick controlling the camera orientation (resets 3D mode to current orientation) - and the camera will track that point (without any roll correction).

I suppose you could add a third roll axis to the camera gimbal - and use the roll in 3D as well.
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