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Originally Posted by fishfryer View Post
watch the hh promo vid. they do a blender. many people find doing a blender very easy. fyi - the end of a blender is an inverted flat spin and it doesn't take much effort to continue it.
watch the sbach 3d hh videos. they do everything in it

since when is doing an inverted spin the same thing as flying blind folded etc?
no need for the obnoxious exaggerations

it is a common understanding for 3d and aerobatic flyers that gyro assisted aerobatic flying is considered taboo.

gyros are ok for sportflyers
New account I see?

I just re-watched the 3D Beast promotional video and I do not see one single blender in it. I see hovers, harriers, inverted harriers, rollers and KE...

I also find it very easy to do a blender.... just not with the 3D Beast. Feel free to visit my YouTube page (turnerm05) and watch any of my videos. I can do all the same manuevers with the V1 Beast that I can do with the 3D Beast but I can't do a true KE Spin or a true Blender with either. I'm not saying it's impossible - just because I can't do it in NO WAY means that it can't be done. But I haven't personally seen anyone do this and I was just challenging you to post a video of you doing it with the 3D Beast. If you say you can do it then let's see it. I'm especially interested in that KE spin with the 3D Beast.

But my coments are really about what manuevers are possible or not with the 3D Beast. My comments are really about what the AS3X system is and isn't. It just frustrates me when people come on here and start jabbing about the AS3X system being a crutch thereby indicating that people use it to do things they otherwise could not do. As I stated above, there isn't a single manuever that I can do with the 3D Beast (with AS3X) that I cannot do with the V1 Beast. The AS3X system just makes the plane fly bigger that's all.

And my "obnoxious" exaggerations were to make a point. It often seems that those people that claim that the AS3X system is a crutch also seem to imply that they are somehow superior pilots any only inferior pilots rely on AS3X to fly more like the superior pilots.

And one final point... I personally don't care whether someone uses something to enhance the flying characteristics of a plane to their liking. I personally have never used a gyro in any of my 3D planes (I don't really consider the 3D Beast a 3D plane by the way) but that doesn't mean that I think those that do are somehow taboo!! Is it taboo to use expo? Is it taboo to shift your CG a little to get different performancen traits? Is it taboo to use mixes? These are ALL tools at our disposal and we can chose whether to use them or not. If you can fly the wings off a plane with absolutely zero help from those available tools then that's terrific but to imply that other pilots are inferious because they actually use the tools available to them just comes off as someone having an inferiority complex or something.
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