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Originally Posted by madbugger View Post
If you actually meant the motor, as you said, rather than the jet unit then be aware you will damage the motor using such long screws to mount it to the drive. Hence the warning in the blurb on Giantcod's site. Use the screws that came with the motor or, if you want to be able to change the motor later once the jet is sealed back in the hull, it will be easier to undo them from above if you use M2.5 x 5mm allen screws from someone like

But I'm probably being paranoid. I expect you meant the jetdrive to the hull rather than the motor to the drive, but better safe than sorry
Giantcod! lol.

I do mean the motor to the jet unit. I am of course aware of using screws that are too long. I have some allen screws I have tried and I have tried with the normal screws from the stock motor. My problem is when I attempt to stick the screws through the motor mount of the jet unit, they will not go in straight, even before I try screwing them into the motor. The screw heads are getting stuck against the side of the drive where the coupler fits inside. It was similar when I took the stock motor off. It will be easier to explain when I'm done work this evening by just posting a picture. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and my explanation is probably rubbish lol.

Thanks fellas, will get back to you this evening.
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