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Hi Reuben... Let me try and answer your questions.

Originally Posted by F86_sabre View Post
Hi Ace,
Nice work indeed! Can I ask you two questions please?
1. When you made the fuselage parting section did you also include any recesses for the aft section to slot into the front part of the fuselage?

-- Not quite sure to what you are asking. If you mean does the rear section align with the front then yes it does. The fuse splitter parting plane does have alignment dots.

If you mean is the rear section a separate part then no it is not. The molds are separate for each side to allow for easier pulling of the parts but will come out of the mold in two halves being top and bottom.

If in the affirmative how was this done given that the plane was one piece?

-- I can also make two separate front and rear parts with this method. The front and rear could be made with one having an alignment/attachment lip made when forming. I would do this by applying a thick tape to one end of the inside mold that when laid up would create a setback recess that could be slid into the other fuse piece and glued or screwed. The mating half would have cloth extend a little outside the mold.

2. When you attached the tire valves how were these held on.... were these cyanoed or epoxied into place?
-- No cyno.... I wax the plugs and parting planes ready for the PVA release coat. Then I simply use two sided tape. Before applying I cut the hole out of the end so air can flow easier. Then simply push to make contact. The funny thing is that masking tape and the like will still adhere well to a well waxed mold? Go figure!

Thanks and keep it up.

acesimmer is online now Find More Posts by acesimmer
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