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Brathanke all in all in the end it sounds like you had a pretty productive day great job getting yourself all tuned up and ready for the skys again.

Can you put a regular battery charger on the Lipos to bring them back to life? when that happens to mine I just use a regular battery charger on low voltage charge to bring them back up just a tad, all it takes usually is about 5 minutes if that and then my regular charger will work just fine.

Wookster LOL and not only does it work but you can't help but feel happier whiler recovering LOL

Well I was epoxying some 1/4 x 1/4 Spruce onto the very light and fragile Edge frame last night to stiffen her back up a tad as it cracked on a landing last weekend that nosed over and punched the top of the fin on the ground and broke her back in the T40's normal fragile area right behind the cockpit, so I peeled away the monocote and ran 2 spars right on top of the old ones that were made of balsa. I guess they wanted to keep the plane light, I'd rather have them strong with more engine.

well why I was waiting for the epoxy to dry I was looking over the plane and saw out of the corner of my eye the Elevator Servo arm screw was all the way out it had about a 1/2 turn left to where it just fell out again the lesson here is preflight preflight preflight!!!!!! that could have been a disaster tomorrow and with no cameras rolling anymore I wouldn't have even gotten a good WOS vid from it lol
Waldopepperaxe is online now Find More Posts by Waldopepperaxe
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