Thread: Careful! 3D is NOT for everyone
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Want to keep this thread going - too easy to get diverted off course and too easy for beginners to get on the wrong track. Anyone can fly - all you have to do is keep it in the air. But precision take-off and landings and maintaining a constant hover and turning the nose and doing very slow figure 8's and circles - is a far cry from zigging and zagging and bobbing and flipping like a humming bird on crack. Just because collective-pitch helicopters can fly 3D doesn't mean you have to or even want to. Flying an RC helicopter is very much like flying the kind you fly in - except RC helicopters are more difficult to fly. You may even find flying like the real thing may lead you to trying the real thing - a bit more expensive than RC helicopters, but without the RC, an experience that you will never forget and could even become more than a hobby. It takes many hours of training and practice to learn how to fly. Be patient - that's the most difficult part of learning. Have a great flight!!

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