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No, No, Don, please read again.
The Ava was originally built for "normal" conditions - I altered it for flat calm. Which is quite a change......... Had I not done this the Ava would have been sold or just never used.
I don't have 2 Maxas, so I simply used the Ava.

All I am talking about is that if you have 2 of the same plane then make full use of them - One light and one heavy.
You are flying the same plane In your case you have 2 Maxas - You are NOT flying 2 different planes, if they are both Maxas then they will both fly like Maxas.
However, it is NOT simply a matter of adding lead - I spent 2 months getting the Ava to fly well when lighter.
If you were set up for flat calm, how can you quickly add lead and fly the plane at its best in a breeze.
Anyway, it looks like we live 4000 miles apart and our views on the sport are similar............ You prefer one plane for all conditions and I prefer ones tried and tested for various conditions....................... Enjoy !
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