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I picked up my packages yesterday and I love packages that say, Origin Hong Kong
The most important content are the motors. They are well packed with a prop mount for both sides. The shaft-side will not be used. Not only that, the shaft itself is too long so time to fire up the dremel (is the dremel even known outside the Netherlands?)
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First I taped it up untill there were no holes left where the iron dust can reach the magnets.
One down.............................................. .................................Three to go.
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I know I have to dismantle it all again but I have to see how it looks
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As you can see, the prop distance is not 2-2,5cm as said before.

Next thing to do is Simonize the esc's. I used to solder on all the wires to load the new firmware. This took me about 2 hours for 5 esc's (4 to fly, 1 spare). With the flashing tool I bought at Hobbyking it's a breese. Took me longer to get the shrink wrap off than uploading the SimonK firmware.
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That's it for now. Next things to do.
  • Shorten wires from esc to rx
  • Cut slots for the velcro to attach the Lipo
  • Change the weak screws that hold the prop mount for proper M2,5 screws (weak point of the SK3 serie)
  • Wait for the ebay orders (flatcable, headers)

I hope there is something to show tomorrow so stay tuned
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