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It works!! (or at least I do)

Just over 2 years ago, I had a stroke, that left my left side of body not working for a while. After 15 months off work, returned to work (as Air Traffic Controller) and have been slowly improving. As I am right handed, the left doesn't tend to improve as quick as it isnt being used as often as right. Finally got to the stage of returning to flying because I have been doing it for 30 years, and I thought it can be good therapy to improve left side reflexes.

So, been hunting for a plane the last month or so (didnt want to fly the Stryker, F18 or sea plane) and bought a RP the other day. I have a JR DSX9 (X9303 to the yanks) and set it up using the supplied receiver. separate channels for ailerons, but Y leaded flaps. Set it up 'full house', with launch, cruise, land, speed & thermal modes, as well as crow on throttle, and engine on right slider with safety switch.

A little bit windy and gusty, but what the hell. Up to local oval around corner.

Nervous as, flicked on the power and thru her. Tracked out really good. Did a bit of thermalling and then approach. Used the crow. Almost could hover it down vertical.

Did about 5 launch, thermal, land. Came home with it in 1 piece, and had a celebratory beer!!

Happy with myself and choice of first plane for return.

Never had full house glider/radio, so A lot to be careful of in switching wrong switches.

Couldnt do much trimming in various modes as too windy and gusty.

Next, I suppose, will be my Spirite Elite on the slopes, after a lot more with the RP.

Very nice glider
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