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I think I am on to some thing.

Notice that the channel range is 3 - 75. There are 37 odd channel
and 36 even channel. So I redraw the distribution graph separate
out the even and odd channel. That make the graph much smoother.

Here is what I get, the blue line is even channel. The green on is odd

Name: even-odd.png
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The questions is, what kind of method was used to result in that
kind of the distribution?

Notice that the distribution graph have 3 separate bar. It is pretty
flat within the bar. So my guess is that, the channel selection is
using segmented selection.
The channel is split into 3 zone: low, mid and high.
odd channel: 3-27, 29-51 , 53-75
even channel: 4-26, 28-50, 52-74

So out of the 23 channel, 23 can't divided by 3. So that will
explain the middle dip. My guess was that, 8 was coming from
low, 7 was coming from mid, 8 was coming from high.

I just run a program to verify that. YES! All the channel selection
match the [8,7,8] distribution in the 3 zone. There is no
exceptions in my 28K guid samples! I think Spectrum want
to spread the 23 channel selection, not clump into same zone.
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