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Well I just spent the entire evening working on planes. After having some trouble tuning the PTE on the slick a few days ago my buddy Brigg and I decided it was probably a gasket issue. I had made some out of cereal box cardboard and we figured it must have an air leak. Wouldn't idle down. So we took some pics and measurements of the motor parts and off he went to his office where he cut me some new ones with his laser cutter. Tell you what... they sure turned out nice!

We put the motor back together and mounted it on the slick and got it tuned really nice. After running it for a bit I noticed it was really loading up. So much that the transition was really suffering. We tuned it up a bit more and Brigg kept on thinking of reasons why the tune might change etc. It has a new carb on it so he didn't think that would be the issue. Finally after about a half hour of tinkering with it, getting it to run perfect and then it would go to crap, I told him to watch the LSN because I was willing to bet that POS was creeping out. So he watched it for a few seconds and sure enough that was the problem

I can't believe I got a second carb that is doing that. I'm really PO'd about it right now.

Anyway, we put some blue loctite on the needles and tuned it to perfection. I mean perfection and then I hurried and killed it so the loctite could set. Hopefully I'll have some fun flying vids soon. I REALLY hope I won't be taking that engine off the plane again any time soon. But, as much as I'd like to blame the engine and pretend everything would be perfect if I had bought a different brand etc. I have to think through all the problems and assign blame to each one. 9 out of 10 have been me screwing something up. The core motor seems to be fantastic if I could just get it set up right to the point where I could stop messing with it. As it is, I haven't had more than two successive flights without an issue that makes me pack it up for the day.

Oh, one other thing that happened... the 2s lipo I have been using for the rx pack has mysteriously lost all charge. It was not plugged into anything and worked fine the last time I used it (about 3 weeks ago). I kept getting a low voltage error from my charger and was sure the charger was screwed up or the wire between the battery and charger was bad or something. Finally I took the bullet connectors out of the charger and tapped them together and didn't get so much as a spark. I was sure it was the wire then so I hooked a different battery up and it sparked like crazy. This battery didn't even puff or anything... just mysteriously dead.

One more thing lol. I finally had to replace the last hs 65 hb in my 48 edge. Those servos had probably close to 400 flights on them. Don't tell me a carbonite geared servo can't hold up to some serious abuse! I have crashed that servo probably 6 or 7 times. It finally gave up the ghost yesterday and I felt pretty happy about it's long life
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