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Originally Posted by Iplumb View Post
Yep they both say S107R5 on the PCB. I don't want to completely remove the blue one yet because its a gift for my son. I'm shure they are both real from what I've learned from you. Just was surprised with the throttle control on the red one. I appreciate your help!
I bet and I won! What did I win?

Okay, you have two genuine S107, different era, different packages, but both S107R5.

You would notice that there are more differences between the two than just the colors. The graphics on the canopy, rotors, and fin are different. I call the red one the Classic S107. That's the original design. The blue one is a 2012 release. The mechanics are the same, but the graphics are different.

Completely understood that you don't want to take it out, because it is a gift. But at least, you have some peace of mind.

If you're happy with the fact that the red one does not have the throttle return, let's just leave it right there. Otherwise, you could open up the Tx to see what's going on. There are 6 screws holding the Tx together. 5 are in plain view. The 6th one is behind the sliding door which hides the recharge plug. Plenty of YouTube video to show you the Spring Mod.

Is it true then, the Blue one has throttle return? That's strange for the Red one. Don't worry about it. Go fly, and get ready to take your son through flying school. Have fun and enjoy.
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