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Originally Posted by Justwingit View Post

The T-28 was intended to be flown with the battery in the little cradle designed for it. It easily accepts 2200s without any modifications as that's what I fly with. If you have to cut the canopy, your model is not trimmed properly.

But, as I've already been attacked on this thread earlier for trying to offer sage advice, no problem if you want to fly your model that's your model.

Model aircraft (heck, all aircraft, for that matter) should be just a tad nose-heavy at balance. Note I said a tad or smidge if you will. But, again, it's your plane and you can fly it anyway you want to. Just understand that it'll fly alot differently than it was designed and you'll never see the maximum performance out of the model due to it's now unstable flight characteristics .

Just my .02 and only trying to help.
Thanks for the advice.

It's a fairly broad recommendation considering the model ships with a 1800mAh pack that weighs 142g and my ave. 2200 comes in at 195g, with my 65C's weighing as much as 205g, or 60g more than the included pack.

I guess the question here is where is the "balance" point you refer to? Is it the stated 2 1/2" from leading edge referred to in manual?
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