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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Nice, i had thought about doing something like this myself actually. Then the KDBB blades were released.

Can you elaborate on the "unpredictable" pitch ups? Was it giving way in different directions or something because of blade flex? Do you have any ideas? I fly those blades using the 215 motor and the Benmlee slipper clutch and the heli did fly very erratic and crazy at first. I had to tune it all kinds of ways till i found a sweet spot. But, i had to turn the gyro pot off basically. Just a hair up. It leveled out and flies nicer now. But it's hard for me to detect slight shifts and inconsistencies in the heli because it's always 15+mph winds here. So the heli just gets knocked around anyway. I'm wondering if there is something i'm not seeing because of it.
mine flew horrible with the kbdb blades...fff was practically impossible, it would just suddenly flare up into the air like it was going to go inverted on it's own. It's flyable with the stock blades but will still fight me at full speed.
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