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Repair finished

I finished the repairs and am including a few more images. The delamination at the wing root was repaired by squirting some epoxy under the skin with a syringe and 18G needle. The hole you see in the foam is where the RDS control rod exits the wing to move the aileron. I had to be careful not to get epoxy near this control rod or else it would mean a much bigger repair and replacement of the RDS system. I was worried a bit working so close with epoxy when I saw the wet area spreading towards the RDS, but I got lucky and didn't freeze up the control rod.

While repairing the first wing I went overboard with epoxy and smeared it all over the entire lower wing surface, including the aileron hinge. After the epoxy cured the hinge was pretty stiff. I tried to loosen it up, and ended up tearing a bit of the hinge but nothing I can't live with. Lesson learned. On the second wing I taped the hinge line first and it worked smoothly.

Finally, I reassembled the glider, attached the battery and tested all the servos. All surfaces are moving smoothly and the glider is whole again!

One small problem though. Before the repair it took only 2 grams in the nose to balance the glider. After the repair it takes 10 grams in the nose to balance. The lesson here is to use minimal epoxy on the tail section to keep the weight down.

But even with the added weight, it seems to fly great and I'm happy to be flying again.

I bought this glider used so I could learn to fly and repair before stepping up to a new glider...and to see if I even liked flying DLGs. So far it's been an amazing experience, and as it turns out I love flying DLGs!

Hope to meet some of you next Spring at some of the ESL events.

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