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Clean OS Max .15 FP?

Hello all,
Today I went to a flea market/pawn shop type business and they happen to have an RC plane with a OS Max 15 FP on it. I bought the airplane for $20 and now I want to get the engine running.

I have a two part question. . . .

First, does this engine need a total break down and cleaning? It's got what appears to be dried fuel residue and the like on the outside of the engine, but when I took the back cover off of the engine to expose the crankshaft and piston assembly, it is very clean in there. No gummed up fuel or anything.
I have no problem taking the whole engine apart and making it squeaky clean, but is that neccesary? If there are just one or two things that normally need to be cleaned on these engines before starting and the rest of the engine normally is fine, then I'd rather clean just the one or two things. If this is the case, what are the parts that I need to look at? The needle valve assembly? The carbeurator?

Also, I have some nitro fuel at my house that is 10% nitro and 18% oil. I'm not for sure if the oil is synthetic or castor oil. All the container says (that I could find) was "Lubrication Package by Klotz". The brand of fuel I have is "Patriot RC". I did some research on the engine and read in the manual to have 20% oil in the fuel mix. My question is, can I use the fuel I have on hand? I don't want to destroy the engine by using the wrong fuel, but if it will work just fine without tearing it up then I will use it. I'd rather not go out and buy another gallon of fuel.

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