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Originally Posted by Rotozuk View Post
I'll state again that I HOPE it is not lipo powered.

It will add considerably to the cost you all get to pay for the radio due to shipping costs and warranty costs. Create issues for supplying a charger that most of us do not want/need. Create possible liability issues and a whole new level of warning instructions/labels that would need to be included with each radio.

From a manufacturers point of view I hope you all, and hope FrSky has taken these issues into consideration.

You can all add lipo to the radio yourself. If you are like me, I already have several in existing radios that should drop right in.

Are you willing to pay an additional $25 (or more) for the radio to have it come equipped with a $5 lithium based battery?

Do LiFe have the same shipping restrictions as LiPo?
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