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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
All this banter about which brand is better has me not just excited about putting together a blinged out 500, but also excited to put together a good affordable 500. The hk helis and turnigy electronics also take alot of 'bashing' due to questionable quality control. So, i'll not only post my report about the new 500 project, and i post about the reverting back to 'cheap' 500. Alot of guys at the field are now turning to hobbyking and turnigy products to get their projects built on a budget. (its nice that hk allows us to mark down the invoice for customs).

When building my first 500, i got alot of help from the hk500gt build thread here on rcgroups. Its a fast moveing thread with lots of great contributers.

Honestly this is why i really want to just give the ZYX a shot on my 450. I've been hearing good things. No too many bad. I don't know about the rest of Tarot's stuff, electronics wise. But Tarot is looking to be one of my favorite underdogs right now. HK and Turnigy are decent for the price. But BEWARE those turnigy batteries and QC issues too. They work good and everything but not for all that long. They degrade pretty quickly. My Turnigy 4X6S charger is "okay" but not great. It never seems to want to cap off the first cell. It leaves it at 4.18 very often. Not to mention that Turnigy is the only place i can find to order silicone wire in the US. Not that i would ever want silicone over PVC most of the time. OH that reminds me. Anyone that followed my build of the X5 knows i burned out/shorted or did something stupid that smoked the hell out of my TM1000 module. I got tired of dealing with getting a replacement so i went and bought a new one so i can install it already. Interestingly enough, the original that shorted out/fried it's self on install had all silicone wires. The new one has all PVC. The Silicone, i suppose is used for weight reduction? But PVC is much more durable and less likely to melt, be cut on the frame or short out like my original battery sensor wire did, i suspect. Who knows it might have been my fault.

Anyway. After you posted about your 500 i wanted to look and see. I am firmly planted in the "you get what you pay for" camp. Or the "You can't afford not to spend more now, so you don't spend 3x more later", thats my "Time share sales pitch" on buying big helicopters, lol. But i feel like it's pretty much true. I have never held back on expense on any hobby i ever had. Except for in this hobby and i regret it. That being said, that HK250 air frame looks pretty much like an Align 250 FBL frame. I might build one. It's so cheap and i should be able to install the DFC head in it. I think it will be a fun little crasher heli for my front yard and park at the end of my street.
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