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By "improving" on the gimbals on the QQ are they not in turn saying the normal DX18 could better?

This all has a weird marketing vibe to it. I'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish in the end beyond maybe trying to make Spektrum get a foothold in the niche high end area so people see the radio at the field and then buy into a normal DX18 perhaps.

I also have some concerns where the different software on the same hardware platform are headed. Are we going into the realm of pay per use feature upgrades perhaps? This may just be a test of the waters to see how the market reacts to the possibility. Perhaps that is the end goal of being unique - you buy a base hardware platform with basic features then we pay per use the features we want to unlock. Who knows, but I do know that your don't create a month long marketing campaign with banner ads plastered all over with email signups and surveys to sell 2000 items. More to this than just a new limited edition radio. Pay per use radio features is my guess.
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