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Originally Posted by Wind_of_Change View Post
I'd like to try that, but Windows7 doesn't give me the option of formatting in Fat32. I get NTFS and exFAT as my only two choices. I've formatted it in both Hero3 and Hero2 cameras, and they both leave it exFAT. I wonder if these SanDisk 64gig SDXC cards can only be formatted exFAT for some reason?

Of course I weighed all of those limitations when making the purchase. At the time none of them were significant enough to outweigh the advantages of the iPad. The retina display makes it a fantastic demo machine, and the battery life means I can be out all day without running out of juice, I didn't feel the need to play video directly from the cards because that's too laggy in HD anyway. Copying the files to the iPad was an easy way to backup the flight data when hiking in the mountains away from my truck & laptop. At the time, the cameras didn't use microSD, so it was a non-factor. And I have a lot of iPad apps that I love and rely on.

But if the Hero3 cards can't be formatted in FAT, that changes everything. I find FPV significantly more enjoyable if I can immediately review my footage, and even do quick-edits on a tablet. There's no going back once you have a Hero3, despite it's quirks. The video blows everything else away.

So it looks like I may suddenly find myself in the market for different tablet.

And now we have another contender with the "surface" tablets. Competition is great! It makes buying decisions more challenging though.

Has anybody actually tried flying from the USB video out while filming in 2.7k? I read somewhere that it's too laggy to fly. If that's wrong, I'd like to know, because I'd like to use a camera switch to toggle between the Hero and my Pixim.
Click Start, type cmd <enter>, type format x: /fs:fat32 <enter>

where x is the drive letter of the sd card

I'm always amused how the "retina display" is so cool though other tablets have HD displays which is higher resolution. Apple's marketing is genius!

In the process of returning a Hero 3 Black because it locks up ALL the time.
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