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@ WiseDuck : Yeah, probably just a whole lot less intimidating then it looks. I remember going Kkuk > multiwii.

@ ABLomas : THANK you. Just bare with me until I get this clowncar running and I wont bother you again.
For programming purposes I made a clothespin clamp with leads, I hate having mostly useless headers.
The receiver will be an assan mini in PPM mode, stripped of its headers it is the same size as the afro.
So I hope to shrinktube the RX right on underneath with hardwired PPMsum hookup.
Im considering just soldering the ESCs right on as well, a nice tight crud free unit.

Frame will be custom cut on my CNC machine but ill start a thread of its own for that one.
(I have something fun in mind using white props, 4 fat LEDs, a 555 IC and about 2.3KHz of awesomeness)

Those afro LEDs still bug me a little though. There's supposed to be blue power, green arm, and red autolevel mode.
So not sure which one timecop decided to scrap, but missing any one of those three is kinda miffed.
I'm guessing the power led has been changed to make the arm led flash until armed fully or something.
Ill just bugger with it once I get my hands on it, those LEDs will make sense somehow, im sure.
But according to your courteously provided "get goin" manual I wont need them to start it up, so for now, meh..

Back to reading.
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