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Originally Posted by j35u5fr34k View Post
Wow. Did you ask them to see if they could restore? Any respectable hosting provider would be able to do this. If not, I would question whether or not I would utilize them again.

Also, what about going to something that supports Tapatalk?
yes, and no they can't restore it. In this case its 'you get what you pay for'

as for tapatalk
a) I'm not changing any software in this migration, just reinstalling from backups. the hard part is actually getting the VPS configured properly
b) joomla/kunena supports tapatalk
c) I'm not sure I want to enable it. The ability to easily post from a phone generally leads to short posts that are either difficult to parse, or contain a very low SNR in my opinion. It isn't like deviationtx contains fast breaking news that needs to be easily accessible wherever you are. I'm still considering whether I should enable it from the last time it was requested.
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