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After being unable to get a Pro Mini Mod to work with a Level Shifter, I've built a completely new one with a both a New Shifter and a new Pro Mini and I still can't get the Mod to work on a v1 Drone using the Level Shifter. The old Mod works fine with resistors, but I gave up on it and started again with completely new components.

I actually have two sets of Drone wires connected to the Same Mod now (to avoid having to keep removing and resoldering between the two types) and when connected to the Drone via resistors it fires up every time. When using the Level Shifter it won't work, although I do sometimes get the Arduino flashing at 12hz but with RED motor LEDs, so it won't fly.

Tested the Level Shifter every which way with help from happul3 over PM and it's doing exactly what it should do.

Checked the wiring again and again and there is nothing else I can see to check.

As the connection diagram shows 3.3v for the v1 and 1.8v for the v2 when using the Level Shifter and I only get 2.5v and 1.6v am I actually suffering from an undervoltage problem?

What voltages should I be getting at Tx and Rx at the Drone end when connected via Resistors and via the Level Shifter using both a Nano and a Mini Pro?

Can anyone who has got either/both test and let me know what they get between each of them and GND?
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