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Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
Three Words....... "OH HELL YESSSSSS!!!!!!" Got to the field, and by the time I got the plane together just a light wind, put it up and threw it around to the best of my ability.... High Alpha K.E., elevators, pop tops, inverted flat spins, climbing flat spins, knife edge spins...and generally throwing the plane around. Flew it three times, and I must say, I have never felt more connected to a plane in my life.... Even better than my Slick and 72" Extra!! Second and third flights the wind had come up but it still flew great!!

Power system, Hacker A60-5S, Castle 100, 8S 45C packs, and a Xoar 20X10 "W" gas prop.
Servos, HS-7955TG's on BEC Pro set for six volts, (am going to kick the voltage up before I fly it again.)

CG with 3 oz of lead under the front of the motor box and the CG is just very, very slightly nose heavy

Sounds great Steve. I'm planning on going with an electric set up for my 74" Edge <which is on the x-mas list:->

What kind of flight times are you getting? I'm leaning towards 10S since I have several 5S 4000mAh packs on hand, that and this airframe appears to benefit from a bit of extra nose weight.

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