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Originally Posted by snowman View Post
Anything is better than a Tofurkey! Turduckens are awesome ate the chicken and was consequently eaten by a turkey........soon to be eaten by humans!

a local business had it's roof drain freeze and I'm the only one they could get, can you say quadruple overtime rate!!!!!!! They know they're going to have to bend over and grab their ankles on this one!!!!
LOL Agreed about the Tofurkey BLAhhhhahahahahah
we've had Turduckens a few times and a couple were ok and some just down right nasty, I guess it depends on where you get them from, 2 of them were given to us by my Bro-inlaw after he discovered them They were the nasty ones though LOL filled with Jelly or something,, Bleckth poo poo poo pwitdtht.. the other ones my wife got from somewhere and they weren'[t too bad. gimme a big ol Butterball with a vat of gravy and I'm good to go actually even just the vat of gravy is great with me lol
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