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taileron-only, or connecting the ailerons?

Hawk, I think it's a matter of taste, using only tailerons the roll-rate is not that fast (see my video, e.g.), but for me that's fine. I started using the taileron-only with the AMX because I had read it loses a lot of altitude in the turns. That is the drawback of connecting the ailerons to the tailerons: when you pull UP, the tailerons go up, and with them also both ailerons go UP, that's the exact opposite of a snapflap configuration, and since the lift of the wing is smaller, the plane is less willing to go into a turn. But the effect is small on the F-16, apparently, and if you connect the ailerons on the innermost hole in the servo horn (so there is minimum travel) you should be fine. I guess both configurations can be argued, and the taileron-only setup has the drawback that you need plenty of travel on the aileron function, and little travel on the elevator (especially if you have rearward CG and a responsive plane). It helps to dial in different travels for elevator and aileron functions as I described in my last post. Conversely, if you find that the roll-rate is insane (in the coupled configuration) you could also dial down the aileron travel on the TX, if you can't go further in with the connecting rod on the servo horn). I remember that Don did a post here or in his forum on the taileron theme but I can't find it.

PS @ modelerchina: You must have put the lipo in the front compartment, otherwise you'd go much further back w/ CG...

PPS Something else: the plane is pitching DOWN when I apply throttle. Don't know why, the thrust is directed straight out on the F-16, and the thrust line is below the CG, so it should rather be pitching up... I guess I'll do a bit of a nip tuck on the lower side of the exhaust, that will bring less diameter and more speed, and direct some of the thrust upwards. Just a bit. The exhaust is way too large anyway, restricting top end.
Anyone else who experienced a pitch down at sudden WOT?
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