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Originally Posted by Kiba View Post
Quick question...

I'm going to be setting up two of my helicopters (Goblin 700 and Bergen 44 turbine) running Vbar with Jeti.

My plan was rather than run full size receivers to run one RSAT2 (full range) on each heli and pipe the PPM signal directly into the Vbar. This will work, correct?

Second question: I'm going to be running a voltage/current sensor on each heli. Does the RSAT2 have one available port for a telemetry sensor to connect to? I believe it does but I want to verify.

If there is a better approach to all this please let me know now so I order the right components; I already have the radio and 2 RSAT2's on order.

Esprit, on your webpage there's a note that says the RSAT2 is not FCC approved; is approval pending on that particular receiver? I'd much prefer to run the smaller RSAT2 instead of having to run a larger R9 or similar on my helis; Vbar only needs the single line PPM input so the RSAT2 would be the smallest/cleanest installation. If the RSAT2 isn't going to be available in the USA please let me know so I can change my order!
1) Yes you can run just RSat as full range receiver. (For US we will have R5 or R5i as Auxiliary Receiver).

2) Every receiver has EXT port for telemetry

3) No, you pick the best. Danny is using same setup on his Henseleit TDR

4) As mentioned in 1)

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