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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
That is an awesome video! Assuming 70F air temp I got 110, 123, and 110 mph for the three passes in a row around the 1:00 mark so that gives an average no wind assist speed of 116.5 mph! I can say you have the fastest Wicked powered 50mm EDF that I know of!

For those who have been asking about this setup on 4S, I do tell people it is not intended for 4S as it will want to run around 700-750 watts on 4S. Typically I don't like to run the regular Wicked series motors over 600 watt continuous, also the rpm will be in the 70,000+ range which can outrun ESCs (the Castles are OK up to 130k I think with 6 pole motors), the fan needs to be balanced well, and the rotor will most likely have to be glued to the rotor adapter to make sure it does not slip. So extra care needs to be taken to run the 6000KV wemo combo this way for those who wish to experiment. The 6000KV motor does has thicker wire windings in it so it can handle more current then the lower KV versions I sell and the WOT runs will be not for too long a period on this sized model, and combined with the smaller lipo size used in these models (most likely keeps the watts below 700 from voltage sag under load) so it is a ream of exploration for those who wish to try it out. Simply because of all the extra care needed to make it work correctly, that is why I don't officially recommend it as a 4S system on a day to day basis.

Having said that, I will say it sure is cool to watch what you guys do to push the envelope with the equipment currently available. That was truly Wicked Fast!

I am not surprised at all. It was literally screaming and looked like a UFO flying around there! You sell some great stuff and this shows that it is capable of more than people are willing to try! LOL

Originally Posted by metalguy View Post
That screamer footage is intense! It appears to fly similarly to my Komet. I like how it slows right down to land, totally controllable. Very cool, great bang for the buck airframe, and the Don's powersystem is insane! Thanks for that.--------Metalguy
The Komet is another one that does the same thing! Love that one too...And now I want both...LOL

Originally Posted by miketre View Post
Check this out. a 10 bladed 50mm fan. I bet it will sound good, but too bad they didn't run up the fan in the video.
Holy crap!! How many different models am I gonna have to try different fans in? LOL I may have to try this one in the A-4 since I already have the AEO 8 blade in there....

Originally Posted by dahawk47 View Post
Nice vids Clemens !

And some great flying. I especially enjoyed your scenery. Was waiting for Julie Andrews to pop up singing: " The hills are alive with the sound of music." Where I live in Texas our State tree is a telephone pole !

On my F-16, the best lipo fit without performing major surgery was a Hyperion G3- 850mah 25C 3S. Would like to learn how you installed your lipo. The first time I flew mine, I tip-stalled her going from base to final. She really bled off airspeed quicker than I had expected. Staright in. The L-39 looks like a winner also.

I'm hoping to re-maiden the Katana later today now that I know my Don's 4800kv set-up is designed for 4S. Tested the thrust and yes, she will scoot ! Go Don !

Have a new batch of 850mah 4s Nano's. They say they are 90C discharge which is hard to believe. Should get about 30 secs of flight time !-LOL
I am eagerly awaiting the data on that set up in the Katana. I love mine with the himax but it needs more....the wicked could be what it needs...
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