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Originally Posted by Dan D View Post
Mark and Stuart, thank you for the reply.

I do fly Thermal Sailplanes and that has given me many hours of building and flying enjoyment.
I love to build also, and have been building model airplanes since 1964.
What i would wish to stay away from is printing and taping pages together, I have limited computer skills and no experience with CAD.
So i will seek out a memory stick or get some help making a disc to take to local office supply.
I dont have a winch, but do have a large High Start, I fly alone at home,
this is my main reason for interest in Electric Launch.
I would also prefer wood construction over foam.
So back to this process of having plans printed, I am willing to learn but may have some elementary questions for this group about this process.( first question how large of a memory stick do i need?)
I would like a Horten type wing design that fairly stable in flight.
so before I decide on a design, I was thinking tailess without vertical stabilizer or rudder.
Mark, I did look at both links you sent for planes and I thank you. I was looking more toward something without turned up wingtips, but with a swept wing.
I will look at Cpdudes blog next.
Am I being unrealistic in my quest ?

Thank you both for your answers
Dan, any memory stick will do. Even the smallest ones will hold more plans than you could build in years. CPdude has some nice builds, but like most things Horten, at least as I have found, finding a "full" set of plans with rib detail and build tabs / jig to scratch build from is almost like finding hens teeth. At least in the "free to download" department. And try to find a set of cut files for one... Hortens are best built that way, with build tabs or a jig due to the nonlinear twist. Trying to get that right with out such building aids is a difficult task at best. There are some providing short kits for the Hortens, but the hundreds of $$ they wanted for what was just a hand full of plywood... I didn't want a Horten that bad!

On the other hand, there seem to be plenty of plans out there for the old timers and even a good selection of planks and a few Swept wing finless like The Paoli which could be fitted with a pod and prop.

Sorry I can't be any more help in the plans department, but if you find one, I sure can tell you what you need to know to get it printed out.

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