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Originally Posted by dahawk47 View Post
Nice vids Clemens !
On my F-16, the best lipo fit without performing major surgery was a Hyperion G3- 850mah 25C 3S. Would like to learn how you installed your lipo
thx! I attach a pic from somebody else's F-16, my 1000mA Nanotech fits just the same way, except that I have the lipo connected in front of the lipo.
Widht-wise it is a tight fit, but in order to fit in length I cut away some of the foam barrier separating the rear from the forward "compartment". AND I did some cutting into the canopy (took away foam in the middle) in order to have place to route the wiring over the lipo to the front where I have my receiver.
If you go with stock components, placing the lipo in the rear compartment should be fine. My 850 Nanotech fit even better than the 1000mA, but with my heavier fan and motor I needed more weight up front.
The plane will be very responsive, so dial in lower throws for the elevator. With a delta mix this can be a bit tricky:
On a DX-7 and other SPEKTRUM radios this has to be done via the dual rate function (and can NOT be done via travel adjust, because these work on the individual servos, just like the sub trim). That way you can reduce the elevator to, say, 50% while still having full throws on the aileron function. Very important for flying wings set up for good performance (i.e., with a CG pretty much as far back as you can go).
The L-39 was a breeze, in the video you see the very first launch. Nice plane. I recommend the cheap upgrade to get a 6-blade 50mm fan unit for some 5$ at Hobbyking and use the rotor on the stock unit (has to be drilled out to 3mm). Much better balance, and stiffer material, plus a bit more thrust:
Good luck next time!
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