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proof of concept

The one of my 5888s that has almost 2x the normal servo-throw (PCB mutation > QC!!) and flies on low rate like a normal one on high rate, needing to be flown VERY carefully! .... is now rock-solid super-stable and still hyper-fast & hyper-maneuverable (like a slalom skier).

It now has 3mm upper rotor and 2mm lower tip-play, and about 1+ neg. coning angle ("anhedral"). That is, the upper & lower surfaces of the blades, viewing the rotor disc edge-on, are equally respectively neg. & pos., meaning that the mean chord line is slightly negative!! [Of course, the upper rotor is necessarily slightly less negative!.> minimizing unwanted rotor interaction]

It works! NO reduction in performance [rather an increase in power/lift as the effective area is increased by flattening the discs], with a HUGE increase in stability, like flying through an autopilot with rate gyros on all 4 axes!

SUPER ....!

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