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Originally Posted by Oxigeno View Post
Just a comment about that... I have definitively lost my Quadcopter due to Naza-RTH. I connected to try it (as other days), with all satelites kept and it started to fly up and then turn to the left and went out of my sight.

As you say, I tryed to switch between all modes, even turning off the trasmitter and nothing... I lost it.

The last day I had flown in the same place and tryed the RTH (so no other "home" had been recorded in the naza). I saw how 600 USD flew away...
I've noticed this problem and I'm leaning towards it being a Naza problem rather than a Tx problem. 1st off, when switched into the RTH mode your craft is SUPPOSED to climb. This is so that if there were any obstacles in the way it avoids them on the way back. Switching back isn't wise at this point. As far as regaining control, it would seem that there are three conditions that must be met to cause this. IF in a GPS mode, and IF put into failsafe (RTH) mode and IF not brought OUT of a GPS mode, your craft will fly away. I've seen this begin to happen with my rig.

The only way out of failsafe (RTH) mode is to turn off the failsafe mode, take out out of a GPS dependent mode (switch off to ATTI or Manual) and then RE-ENGAGE GPS Hold mode. In other words, you have to break the GPS link and then turn it back on for you to regain control.
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