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For this reason I will deal only with the large named hobby places like Horizon and in most cases Tower Hobbies.
That's my suggestion for anything other than disposable models. However, I should point out that there are some GREAT companies like Twisted Hobbies and 3DHS out there that don't have the presense of the two you mentioned. Don't write off all the the small shops based on the reputaion of a few.

My main goal was to let people know that Banana Hobby sells products were they don't carry nor intend to carry the replacement parts. They should make that statement up front so a buyer can make the the decision whether to purchase or not. My money is hard earned.
You are correct that some of these places sell models with no intention of stocking parts. One reason is probably that their profit is coming directly from the markup on the model itself (and shipping in the case of NP and BH) so when the cheap models are discontinued or the mfg drops the price they aren't left with a lot of stock. NP used to sell FMS planes as "Airfield" but during the summer they switched from FMS to another company. The planes are still branded Airfield but in no way parts compatible. For this kind of business model to work there must be no pretense of customer satisfaction haha.

On the other hand, the companies that make customer satisfaction a priority manage profit in such a way that people don't feel gouged. Some of that profit is used to provide spare parts even to the point that they still have them years after a model is dicontinued. No need to say anything about the customer service that comes with it.

All of this fast turnover is a disservice to the newcomer who might need parts on a more frequent basis. It would be helpful to them to know that certain models come "as-is" and are, in effect, disposable. But that would cut sales and in a non-customer-centric business model, that's bad for business.
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