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R/C Mini's are better fun.. Bikes take too much to keep stable at speed.. Last count 10 Cars... & the Tyrell P34 still in the Box waiting for some build time..

Silly me even has a Land Yacht...

All good Fun.. What it should be all about.. Politics always destroys what is good in most things...

Still trhink the ARYA would take a stance if Colin asked to remove the NC Recognition. Put the onus on the other mob to come to the table or lose their opportunity to advance their cause by many many years.

Like I said before the Prez of the OA needs to Fall on his Sword.. He kept tellling me he wanted to... Horse's Mouth Stuff..

Made his usual remarks through others then went into hiding never to be held to account for his actions or words..

I think that makes 2 ARYA Presidents that gave him the same suggestion.. Obviously the same result from Mr M...

Like Albert Einstein said: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So we must do something different.. Radical But Different... Give the EC12 back to the Skippers & let them get back to sailing in peace, without the Political Posturing of the OA.....

Colin you need to find a way to give peace & support to your fellow EC12 skippers...
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