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Originally Posted by RC_Kid View Post
I am wondering if someone can help me with my Naza and RTH. I have searched a bunch of pages and can't find an answer.

I set my transmitter switch to have three modes: manual, GPS, and RTH. As well as that, I have it set to RTH when the radio is shut off.
I was test flying the quad in GPS mode and it was perfectly stable. I decided to go about 30 some feet away and switch to RTH. Once in RTH, the light flashed fast orange. It hovered for a few seconds, and started to climb. At that point I returned the switch to GPS, and the light went back to it's normal green flash. The problem is that it continued to climb. It climbed to about tree top level, started flying backwards, and then descended into the trees behind me. The whole time I was switching between manual and GPS trying to regain control. Despite the LED telling me I had control, it continued to do it's own thing.
As of now the quad is outside my house still not responding, up side down buzzing away full throttle with broken props while in that tree.

Any idea's on this, perhaps a software bug?

Thank you for reading and any help.
Just a comment about that... I have definitively lost my Quadcopter due to Naza-RTH. I connected to try it (as other days), with all satelites kept and it started to fly up and then turn to the left and went out of my sight.

As you say, I tryed to switch between all modes, even turning off the trasmitter and nothing... I lost it.

The last day I had flown in the same place and tryed the RTH (so no other "home" had been recorded in the naza). I saw how 600 USD flew away...
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