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Originally Posted by boopidoo View Post
Well let's just say I disagree. I've flown with all those methods and the best is IMO an extra stick, it's also the most relaxing method.
Well as you said, "in your opinion"... and it seems not many are sharing it
I don't see myself actuating 2 sticks at the same time with the same hand precisely. And I like smooth camera movements, not jerky ones
One thing I'd consider is a switch that when engaged "locks" the current throttle/rudder position, and remaps the left stick to control camera. That would do it, because there's only one thing to actuate with the hand. Haven't tried it, as to me this is the situation where I'd use a head tracker. Not a cr*ppy one that drifts like crazy though

Originally Posted by boopidoo View Post
The problem with transceivers is that they add a transmitting device in a small space.
But it's not a problem, as the thing that suffers most from onboard transmitters is the R/C receiver. But a telemetry receiver doesn't affect itself as it never sends and receive at the same time.
I have 6 FPV models that I was flying on 35MHz and converted to FrSky telemetry during this year, not a single one has shown any problem. It's the opposite, I've finally said goodbye to situations where the exact same setup would fly to 2km one day, and give up on me at 300m the next day. Telemetry is a great addition to know if something's not right. A ground range check is a start, tells you if you can fly or not. If you can, than thanks to it you'll then have a much finer feeling of how things go in flight. Just like video where you like it to become noisy progressively instead of just cutting for good at some point, remote RSSI beep frequency/intensity gives you that same scale.
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