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Originally Posted by rhampton View Post
I have Flown this Glider at the beach as well as other places and i must say this thing does not want to Land at all which causes sort of a dangerous threat to the safety of the glider and my surroundings. . at the beach i have a semi strip that i can land but it's not that long but it's duuable...but i must have circled at least 10 times to land cause it just kept going and going and going...well my question is,,,if i were to install Servos and activate these Alternate Flaps..Would that be a Night and Day difference in Landing? i really didn't want to go thru the trouble of extra Wiring if it was only going to make a little difference so i'm posting this question as a concern...
I had severe problems trying to land mine until i managed to get the CROW braking set-up properly. The thing would just keep on going and quite often i needed multiple attempts.
I can now land it within 10 metres of me about 4 out of 5 times with 50 degree flaps and 30 on the ailerons when using CROW.

I still find that it needs aggressive down elevator before flaring though, which is a bit unnerving until you get used to it, it does feel like you are flying at the ground....
eddie currents is online now Find More Posts by eddie currents
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