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Thanks but I am a G.O.D. (Grumpy Old Degenerate)

I know the toll this EC12 issue in Australia has taken on you & the poor communnication standards of the AEC12OA don't help anybody's cause.

The Silent Majority as Soling says will remain silent. It simply isn't worth the trouble. If I were you I would leave the Thread Open & see what happens.. Some come back from the dead sometimes years later..

To resolve this impass with the constant badgering by AEC12OA personnel every time something is tried to move the EC12 Class forward, I can only see the dropping of National Class Status as the solution.. That way Colin D & others no longer have to worry about the ramblings & can oppose any attempt to re-classify because the required criteria is not met.

Whetehr the ARYA Committee have the fortitude to stand by the Constitution is another matter.. Everything else has been tried with One Constant Opposition.. Mr M... So It's over to the ARYA to resolve the problem...

If Mr T & Mr H think that they have it in spades by keeping silent they are sorely mistaken.. The Only spade they have is the one digging the hole for the death of the class... Richard's the pair of them...

Who cares.. Their Fleet of 3 can have at it...
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