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Originally Posted by Mtrhd0024 View Post
I have now made about 10 flights with this thing (no crashes so far, fingers crossed!) and it insists on wanting to bank to the left, to the point where i have to use full right aileron to get it to fly straight and level, and if I hold it full right for about 10 seconds, it will SLOWWWLYYYY start to bank to the right. Even with the trim set to full right aileron, it's only marginally better. It's so bad, that I finally caved, and added a bendable aluminum trim tab on the right wingtip to try and help drop it back down. I flew it with that for the first time today, and it kinda sorta helped.


Anyone else have this problem?
Check your tail boom - I had this problem, it turned out I didn't fix the tail boom properly after a crash, it was at a very slight angle and caused a rudder effect and had got so bad I could only turn left. Fixed the tail boom straight and all was well. Perhaps your boom was slightly bent during shipping?
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