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Good input Integrity, nice to hear you got good support, I know you've praised you're LHS for you purchase previously and its nice to hear, I still like buying online though, I do my research on what I want usually, and am happy with my heli's mate, I have an excellent learning curve mate, I learnt HTML, CSS, XML, a bit of Javsscript and PHP and everything else that goes with those in less than a year which ain't to shabby, learning curve ain't my problem, my problem is finding the time at the moment, really need to read up on things but got so much going on with work (proprietary database being written, new procedures to put in place), its taking a lot of my time, has been doing for a while making sure everything's right.

I'm pleased you had a good experience, I've bought from shops before (used to have an RC car a few years ago) but would still prefer buying online, its more convenient baring the shipping time, I can fix most things myself with support from here and reading up, even though I'm sure setting up the FBL unit will be a headache, it will be more finding the time to sort it out in one sitting rather than a piecemeal basis which is what I think I'll have to do.

To be honest, if I went to a LHS when I started out, they would have probably tried selling me a 3ch job or seen I had a few quid and tried selling me something that cost a grand, because I didn't really know any better back then. I didn't start out with a WK, I started with an Esky HBFP v2, which by all accounts, is supposed to be a good learner (or was 18 months ago), but is very hard to fly (thankfully), but still no support in the UK (unless you wanted to get ripped off) so I'm pleased with my WK purchases mate, they suit me fine

I honestly couldn't care less what anyone else says about my heli's, WK or not, if I took one of my heli's into a LHS and they snobbed me, or slated them, thats fine, I'd know thats not where I should be spending my money, they aint the ones having to fly them, I am and I'm happy with that mate.

Please do take a video and post it up, take your V120d02s in and I bet your LHS guy will like it, he might even start stocking parts after flying it mate (doubtful but you never know!) haha
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